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From The 90's Are Back Collection - AS IF is a cute Vintage Phone Bath Bomb This Bath Bomb was inspired from some of my favorite movies like Clueless and Pretty In Pink. The phone design is before the 90s but this was the perfect addition to my collection. The bath bomb is HUGE!!!! Like TOTALLY. 

Comes with a Soap Phone Weighs 1 lb Total. 

The Phone comes in a Pink Outer Color with a Gold and White Shimmer / Yellow and Pink embeds. 

Scented with a special blend of Love Spell, Sugar Berries and Cotton Candy & Sweet Honey. 

Includes: 1 Bath Bomb, Soap Phone Cast 

Made with,Essential Oil Natural fragrance, Moisturizing oils combined with dead Sea Salt & cucumber oil. Bath Bomb Ingredients: sodium bicarbonate, epson salt, citric acid, SLSA, cream of tartar, fragrance essential oils, polysorbate 80 FD&C colorants, mica 

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