You're A Wizard Box
You're A Wizard Box !  This Awesome box is for the super bath Wizard who enjoys long walks on the beach and defeating Voldemort.  Includes:  1 - 5oz Happee Birthdae Harry Bubble Bar ( Scented in Chocolate & Maple Candy) ...
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Spooky Halloween Box
Spook Halloween Box!!!  Inspired by the amazing Halloween Themed Films I created this cute Box for those who love everything spooky.  Includes:  1 - 5oz Donnie Darko Bath Bomb (Scented in Ocean Breeze)  * Color inside is  dark blue *  1 - 5oz Mars...
from $5.00
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Pokemon Trainer Starter Pack Themed Box
Pokemon Trainer Box  Includes:  1 - 6oz Pikachu Themed GameBoy with Paper Ears and Sticker Bath Bomb (Scented in Strawberries & Cream with Avobath)  1 - 4.5oz Togepi Egg Bath Bomb with secret pokemon Figure( Scented Watermelon Candy) 1 - 10oz...
from $5.00
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BeetleJuice Box
BeetleJuice Box !  Spooky Season is upon us and the world of the deceased are out to play .  Inspired by the amazing Tim Burton Film BeetleJuice I created this cute Box for those who love everything spooky.  Includes:  1 - 7oz BeetleJuice Bath...
from $4.50
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Back To The 90's Box
Back To The 90's Box !  Ewww.... As If Includes:  1 - 6oz Tamagotchi Bath Bomb (Scented in Strawberries & Cream)  1 - 5oz BlockBuster Throwback Bath Bomb ( Scented Ocean Breeze) 1 - 4.50oz Troll Bubble Bar ( Scented in Passionfruit )  *Trolls will vary...
$35.00 $22.00
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The Other Mother's Box
The Other Mother’s Box  I've been expecting you Coraline... Includes:  1 - 8oz Mother's Key Bath Bomb (Scented in Fresh Peach)  1 - 6oz Button Bath Bomb ( Scented Lavender Sage & Roses) 1 - 5oz Circus Cat Bath Bomb ( Scented in Strawberry...
from $4.00
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Back on Earth Box
Back  on Earth Alien Box Includes:  1 - 7oz MultiColor Alien Galaxy Head Bath Bomb (Scented in Watermelon Peach)  1 - 6oz Moooooon Bath Bomb ( Scented Monkey Farts) 1 - Alien UFO Toy that makes sound!  1 Free Mini Sugar Scrub Scented in Lick Me...
from $6.50
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