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Moth Of Death

Moth Of Death
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Moth Of Death

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Black moth symbolism is vast and complicated, depending on the region and culture. In Mexico, the black moth known as the “Black Witch” is said to be a harbinger of death and strikes fear in those who see it’s bat shaped body and large dark wings. But does all black moth symbolism have to mean death? The color black is regarded as “evil” to some, yet to others black is a magical color, one that is all the colors combined. So the black moth symbolism might represent death to some people, yet might mean mystery and spirituality to others. If you have a black moth spirit guide, be prepared for initiation into the magical arts.

Inspired by the Black Moth this Moth of Death is a wicked part of a witch's ritual to bring forth death and to the spirit world. 

Cut him up, add to your bath cocktail and have a very bubbly halloween witch's ritual inspired bath! 

Choose your personal scented Moth and get ready to slice him up!!  

Weighs 6oz  Purple and Gold Mica 

Made with custom fragrance mix. Moisturizing oils combined with baking soda ( sodium bicarbonate), SLSA, cream of tartar, cornstarch, glycerin, cocoa butter, fragrance essential oils, polysorbate 80 FD&C colorants, mica.  


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