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Toxic Queen - Bath Bomb
From The Oh Lolita Collection  - Toxic Queen Bath Bomb The taste of his lips, the blood that runs his cheek. I love everything about you no matter how Toxic you are.  Toxic Queen- A Bath Bomb inspired by the endless boundaries of love. An...
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Sour Boy - Sugar Body Scrub
From The Bubble Boy Tears Collection  - Sour Boy Sugar Body Scrub Sour Boy is an amazing Sugar scrub in the original scent of Pink Lemonade Sugar Champagne.  The Sour Boy Sugar Scrub is a mix of surgery delight. Kicking off the Bubble Boy...
$11.00 $8.00
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Kodama Spirits Bath Bomb
Kodama Spirits Bath Bomb!!! FREE SURPRISE INSIDE !!!This bathbomb is so adorable !!!! Just drop and enjoy on a hard day with the magic of these Kodama Spirits inspired by the Ghibli movie Princess Mononoke made with a soap casted Spirits. Get the extra surprise inside...
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Coraline Wild Circus Sugar Scrub
Coraline Wild Circus Sugar Scrub This sugar scrub was inspired by the mice circus scene in the movie Coraline. I added the Pink Coraline Buttons and her Dragon Fly Hair Clip.  The color combination is a Vermillion Red and a...
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