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Tarot Cards of Luck - Set / Individuals
Tarot Cards of Luck Set - Also Sold Individually  3 Tarot Cards that have different special notes in the back.  These bombs have 3 casted soap pieces / HAND / MOON / SUN. Each weigh 5 oz  Scents:  Moon Tarot...
XOXO - Phantom
Inspired by the film Phantom of the Opera, I created a little but powerful bath bomb letter.  This letter was given to the most caring and loving person that the Phantom had. Scented in Gardenia and Roses the letter will...
Witch's Blood Moon
Witch's Blood Moon  When there's a Blood Red Moon the time calls to get your best black linens and your spell book.  Moon with Casted Soap Scented with Eucalyptus & Citronella  Weighs 7 oz  Has a Gold shimmer, extra hidden colors & a kick...
Drop Dead Gorgeous
Drop Dead Gorgeous  We've all suffered a broken hearts but Drop Dead Gorgeous didn't live to tell her tale.   Scented with Love Spell & Lick Me All Over.  Weighs 6.5 oz  With so much shimmer, extra hidden colors & a kick...
Emily's Last Love Bath Bomb
Emily's Last Love Bath Bomb Inspired by The Tim Burton Movie - Corpse Bride  I created this hand painted bathbombs with blue death butterflies! This bathbomb also includes a butterfly that melts in warm water.  Scented with Love Spell & Peaches...
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